Our setup is always ready with 2 guitar rigs, 1 bass rig, 2 vocals and a Drum kit with basic cymbals.

Drummers are requested to bring their own sticks and any advanced cymbals. If there are any additional instruments or microphones required, please let us know in advance.

Using additional instruments from the warehouse is not free and there will be additional charges if you require any additional instruments including using any higher grade amps.

Kindly read our below policies and rules before proceeding to book your slot:


·         48 HOURS = No charge

·         24 HOURS = 50% of booking value

·         Last minute cancellation will result in the full amount being charged.


·         No alcoholic beverages allowed on our premises.

·         Soft drinks/water containers should not be placed on the gear.

·         Drum Skins – Natural wear is acceptable, broken cymbals are not and will be charged for replacement in the case of damage.

·         Amplifiers – Blown up speakers will be charged.

Happy rehearsal and we will be on site to provide you with any support you may require.

Looking forward to seeing you there – Barry Electronics & Audioworks.